Party means TRAP, as revealed to me through the Word of God in HIS INFINITE NUMERIC language/vocabulary. As in the English language, the letter “t” is ALWAYS a reference to the CROSS, an upright X holding the human seed, our book, DNA, so is the letter “y” the meaning; ‘to lie’, ‘a lie’ against YHWH, also an upside down ‘h’, but pointing straight to the pit.
A good way to begin in this understanding has been provided to this site’s owner/operator, or I can be contacted through this, until silenced, or the system goes dark (both sooner than u think). This I point you to is what you all claim you believe in; Jesus Christ, the Living Word of God. It is this that I willingly die for, my worldly life already in shambles according to world standards. Hated, mocked, and shunned. Sealed in the Holy Spirit, KNOWING within, that the ‘Christian’ practices I was witnessing throughout the world denied the truths, even the Jesus I was reading of in my King James Bible, that they where MORE (ROME) in line with the FORBIDDEN protocols of witchcraft, performed by the thousands referenced in the Bible. Worship of false gods, Baal, Diana, etc., forbidden images. Have a picture, statue, or a painting of Jesus? No, you most certainly DO NOT! Guess who that really is, inspired by his father, the devil. God showed me this in His Word, so that I would show you, that you would tell others. Did Paul not warn of ‘another Jesus”, “preaching another gospel”? There is so much more, but God wants you to seek Him, to BELIEVE in His Son, as you say you do. To cease going to man, with smooth, pleasant words for itching ears, selling for filthy lucre (DOLLAR=LORD RA H) what was free all along, paid in full by the pain, the agony, tears, the BLOOD of Jesus! Stop! He says! These are ALL but mouths of dragons! (the Devil’s GROANS)
God will show you answers as long as you take the questions to ONLY HIM, ONLY THROUGH HIS SON!
It is not by my power or words in which I come, but by the Holy Spirit that lives within me, flourishing in a willing vessel, a man of weak in body, with stammering lips, foolish! Yet bubbling over now in truth, to His glory, in Jesus name! I rejoice in the simplicity that is in Christ, yet burdened, having been shown what is coming, few that will listen, millions, billions to perish! Most of those now believing they are going to heaven, to only awake before a jealous God, showing Him how He’d warned them NOT to carve out their OWN god, their OWN Jesus that allowed for their miserable, sin filled lives of self! Self pity, false pride, self justification! Why need a god, when you can just create your own? Those not happy with the sins of one Church, would find just the right one that fit their favorite …self image, their sins.
It took nearly 50 years, with the last 8 THINKING I was yet saved, but had blindly been led straight back to the curse of the Law, do this, do that, with my favorite Pagan paintings, key-chains with that image of a false Jesus on them, VULGAR to God! He showed me JOHN 6:66, what Christ had pointed to in his Revelation then shared with John! Go now to REV 13:18, THEN JOHN’S VERSE! King James Bible ONLY! You know, the one that was JUST FINE for a world, an entire nation enjoying God’s Deuteronomy 28 blessings, but began it’s RAPID DESCENT TO DESTRUCTION once enough were cunningly CONVINCED that it was riddled with mistakes! This, an even ADMITTED tactic of the occult in the 1960′s! Little robot scholars, pharisees going to and fro BOASTING their knowledge from “the most literal translation to the original Greek and Hebrew” Fools! Satan laughing all the while!
In Jesus name, may you CHOOSE now, go to God through Christ Jesus, and come up out of the Beast!
In truth and love, that is Jesus Christ;

The LANGUAGE of LOVE & LIFE ETERNAL; THESE of the one, true God
VS, EVOL (-UTION, or -VOLVE,ETC.,) and EVIL as opposed to LIVE is opposite of DIE/DEATH
Reading and Understanding GOD’S Living Word; Jesus Christ
As divinely preserved in ONLY the King James Holy Bible 1604-1611
Learning The Infinite, Numeric Aphabet/Vocabulary of God; as given unto those of mankind, choosing to believe in His only begotten Son, the Word, Jesus Christ.
The greatest conspiracy in opposition to the Great Author of all that is, was, or is to come, has been in the attempted removal of that which is impossible to remove from the face of earth, His written Word. Now, in man’s final generation before the rebellious seed of man is separated from the obedient, the righteous, the truth long concealed by “spiritual wickedness in high places”, (Ephesians 6:12 or 666, self proclaiming ‘Christians’;Church of Man).
In fact, it was in mine own initial understanding of the richness of His true tongue, that I was shown the long concealed meaning of the following: The 3-word phrase “number of the” is used 3X in the entire Bible. The 46th entry of this is found in Revelation 13:18, wherein the revelation given unto Jesus himself, then to John, Christ points us back to John’s own book to come; JOHN 6:66. Here, God showed me, after living among a life of liars and being led everywhere but to where my Lord had referenced, that it would again be those thinking themselves wise, (2 Corinthians 10:12), the “Church”, pharisees, scholarly, that would rise up again in direct opposition to Jesus, to God. Just as satan foolishly tried to use scripture(Jesus) against Jesus, so now do most in today’s church of odolatry. These again, from all four corners of the earth, (HEARt of CHRISt), would use isolated and inappropriate verses to make their arguments, denying the truth in God all the while.
Through God’s own vocabulary, the self-evident words and their meanings, make clear ALL things, being the very ‘meat’ of the Word realized by every one of those the Bible tells us are now in heaven. These include each writer that added unto their good works these pure characters, holy in their precise positioning from the first in the Holy text, to the very last.
While learning such incredible details of all of our questions, the humble child who searches for his heavenly Father’s face, is continuously reminded of God’s foremost concerns. As God speaks through these endless numerics, mingled with our finite alphabet, the scriptures only, always, point back to themselves, keeping us mindful to stay in the Word, IN Christ, lest we instead be led astray.
I will now, in obedience to the Word in it’s entirety, will document some examples, standards that not only further prove that which should need no further proving to one claiming to be a believer, but will serve to make the reader’s understanding more quickly realised. Our time on earth is now come very, very short, so the sooner you begin, then share throughout your reach, the better, the more full your purpose will be fulfilled. In Jesus precious, Holy name, Amen.

I include the following childishly simple and free download which makes counting individual words and phrases much easier than was at hand for ancient Kings and Prophets.

To the best of my knowledge, this should take you to the program that a child could use to not only further prove the King James absolute authenticity, divine preservation, and 100% accuracy, but to also take each user on a path through scripture that you’ve been denied of thus far by demonic suppression.
Test spirit with spirit, staying within the living, infinite Word of God, which IS Jesus Christ, our soon returning Lord and Savior.
OF SPECIAL NOTE: Satan has also embedded scrambled messages throughout, reversing words when reading, rotating characters, etc. Bearing this in mind, wicked and depraved among our most powerful are readied now in lucifer’s violent yet futile attempt to remove this very source, along with any other Biblical literature, in part because it actually exposes them, even by name. You will want to copy this to disc immediately, making copies to share, hide, and even bury. The final hour approaches, and believers will need access to their only hope; the same which we must remember; the simplicity that is in Christ, and the gift of salvation.  IT IS MOST CRITICAL THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT IS RELIED UPON, TO THEN FAITHFULLY TEACH YOU AND GUIDE YOU INTO ALL TRUTH, THUS SHOWING YOU THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE LANGUAGE, THE WORDS OF GOD, AS OPPOSED TO THOSE OF THE ENEMY’S. WITH GOD ALREADY OCCUPYING ANY GIVEN NUMBER TO IDENTIFY AND AUTHENTICATE HIS OWN, SATAN HAS ALREADY BEEN UTTERLY DEFEATED IN THIS!
The TWO things of this simplicity that are the commonalities of those saints of old; #! Believe on Christ; as they had each faithfully believed in every single word that God had spoke. # 2 Repented for having served any false god, opposed to the Word/s of God/Jesus. As in following Christ’s death and then his resurrection, he had come as God in the flesh to conquer death. He had thus came as a man, departed for his season, but remained in the form of Living Word! Thus, Paul warned of “another Jesus” who would come along, preaching “another gospel”. Perhaps you should know, as this antichrist IS the one you picture the FORBIDDEN IMAGE of, EVERY SINGLE TIME the name Jesus is spoken! This is NOT Christ, but antichrist.
May you now, and in all your remaining days in the flesh, remember this, casting him down in Jesus’ name, to never again fall for this damning trick of devils. Now that you know this is the son of the devil, proceed to serve your true Saviour, the Word, remaining in his truth and love.
In the English language, the letter “t’ is ALWAYS in reference to the Holy CROSS, to Christ. Once we know this, we can see God’s beauty continuously revealed, as in the word EARTH = EARtH, being at the HEARt OF CHRISt! This (HIS t) can also be seen in the often vulgar and violent attack on his name as well. Surrounded by these examples, such as T-shirt, or PLANET = APT NEt for t., E=3′s PLAN against t. EVERY state in the union contains many blasphemies, thus fulfilling the prophetic Revelation !7:3, which only partially reveals evil men’s sole purpose in the founding of America. We are here to deter the wrath of God upon the earth, sickened minds long believing that their bloodline would cause us to receive the brunt of it, in fact, even doing it!
To better grasp firmly unto God’s vocabulary, one method is to apply numeric value of any letter in relation to it’s position in our 26 letter alphabet, going to the relative verses, chapters, books, etc. The same can be done by beginning with specific words and/or phrases, and the sum total of their use in the Bible.
A=1 or zero 5 = Christ 5=GOD 10=BOTH 20= BOTH J=our 20th letter.

I have found that satan loves to rotate the Z, 3, M, W, etc., this causing those of evil bloodlines, priveleged, but only in temporal things; self serving, not knowing true love of God, others, even the deep purity of a godly affection for one another. No, these are of great wealth in mammon, but as walking dead, and headed to a most terrible fate of eternal, just punishment, causing much pain, bloodshed, even plagues; with no feelings of remorse all the while. Tutored privately, discreetly, raised up in a secretive world, even taught the languages hidden within languages, relishing the riches they surround themselves with. Others in desperation groveling for their approval, they are further encouraged, seeing themselves as the ‘best of’ the best’, as the ‘elite’. Woe to these utter fools, sick in mind without even knowing, for their maker sees these, much as they now look upon the innocent, upon those obedient to their Creator! Even worse, for with their wealth, they have learned the near limitless power within their very grasp, their mental depravity causing them to act upon the worst of sin’s desires, of rape, murders, even occult practices of darkness, calling for even heinous acts upon the innocence of helpless children. Oh how God loathes them! Their demise, now drawing very near, will be swift and beyond that they’ve brought upon all others!
Back now to the language of love, ever hidden from these dark ones, God also uses such patterns, as MOSES=SOWES (the SEED of man),WOES of Sin, and our 2 sets  of 23 prs of amino acids making up our 46 coded DNA; the x chromosome, is referenced from Genesis to Jachin & Boaz, to Jacob’s ladder, the Temple itself as exact as could be earthly/physically duplicated, as revealed to Moses in 4th dimension form of heaven, then recreated in the shadow- 3 dimension form on earth, on and on.This is among that which God has allowed the deluded ones to easily find, Him knowing how they will so willingly use such knowledge to bring about God’s will, they believing that they have controlled all capabilities brought about therewith.

The name JONAH, is again NOAH as the J= JESUS, JOHN = H (or 8) “God speaks” “ON” J,” JESUS”.  All names, all 66 books have within them much deeper meaning than first meets the eyes of those not in Christ. Father God, the Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit of God, these three most Holy! ; these are of such wondrous order, such as can be compared to no other! A perfection, the very character and origin of all love, all life, insurpassable, incomparable; this the futile effort and demise of all who oppose them.
God will now show you, lest you too be deserving of blindness of disbelief; salvation that is the simplicity that is in Christ, that the ARK was always a shadow of Jesus and salvation in him, thus, Bar-Jesus=Bar-ARK=BARACK.Could this be a reference to one willingly, mockingly playing the role of the False Prophet of the world’s very end?! For does this not bring to mind a certain individual that seems to go out of his way to play the role of both the False Prophet AND the antichrist described so well in Holy scripture?!

The devil and his followers most enjoy this mockery, the “mirroring” of God, as grabbing hold as often they can of “As it is above, so it is below”, this causing them to think themselves more wise than they are; somehow “above” the “common” man. This is seen from Vatican city, to the layout of our nation’s capital, it’s monuments, along with those strewn about the states and the nations of this present world of sinfulness.
These simple formulas to which I now reveal, are  just the beginning of infinite understanding for you, and was much of God’s plan for me. You now possess what cost not only my life, but many, many before me. This knowledge the hidden reason behind the Jewish Holocaust, the genecide of numerous peoples, tribes, and the coming Gentile Holocaust in the land of the west.

Please, cherish it, doing what you are now shown to do, and as I say. Copy this, in as many ways and numbers as able, even hiding copies along with the core; what it points to;  the Holy King James Bible, the Word of God, incorruptible.
Stay ALWAYS in Christ Jesus, his truth, love, and Grace, for this is your own purpose in life. I pray for your eternal peace and joy. in Jesus’ MIGHTY name!
I am indeed weak in body, foolish, a man with stammering lips,

from Decapolis (between Decatur and Cassopolis)
now, Iron Mountain, a city, in a once beautiful nation, soon to fall by enemies of great wickedness, from within her very borders.

4 thy God is most glorious, the highest on high, and of perfect order!

Peace be with you,

Robert Andrew Davis , servant to Jesus Christ, unto God

Dear God, save with your own, the innocent little ones!

For will the Father do anything before telling His own?

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