The “Ark”, Jesus! The ‘door’ is closing now! NOW! U MUST UNDERSTAND!

Dear God! They again will not listen! They think they know better than their Creator! It is ALL JUST AS YOU SAID it would be! That John 6:66 said, that ALL OF IT SAID! I KNOW THE “ARK” was ALWAYS a picture of Christ for us to heed! I KNOW you are about to close again that same door! Help them! Help them hear this now, not after!  My family I so love! They think they are saved!  So many! I know now thy heartache! I see! Help THEM! In jesus Holy Name pour out thine Holy Spirit unto this nation, unto Isael, the innocent of Damascus, so that those you so love may come to know you! Cause preachers to SEE that which THEY had been deceived into disbelieving! I beseech thee! Oh the weaponry! The hatred about to be unleashed on a numbed people, turned from your truth, made available, preserved, just as you promised!   You tell me “Be anxious for nothing”, but how can I? For you have given me also your heart!  Forgive me mine own sins, if I allow these burdens to disappoint you!
   If not first your words, cause mine to point them to the Jesus they have turned from! Thy will be done, my Father, my faithful! In Jesus’ name, amen.

For will the Father do anything before telling His own?

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