Final Hours of Peace for the Nation/s

It is now 3 A.M., Wednesday, the 29th Day of the 5th Month, of the year 2013.
     As this sleeping nation has their thoughts on all but the truth, I stand without many others on the side and in the truth of God, in Jesus Christ, in the burden of the knowledge of what is secretly unfolding in the present darkness. An almost incomprehensible plan, that has been in the making through the ages of man, up to the recent founding of a nation; the sole intention of powerful bloodlines to divert the wrath of God unto a land sprung up from the winderness, fulfilling Bible prophecy. The great whore of Babylon, is now ripe for the slaughter.
    Is it the innocent children that most grieve my heart? Those many men who gave their lives in believing the causes had been just, in honour of even God? Then the millions, billions, that are purposely serving a god that is not He who created all, who gave His only Son, so that all men might be saved come to mind. That these too, are numbered with the beast, deepen the coldness within my body, my heart, my very soul. The final cringe though, is what my God has caused me to see, sharing this knowledge passed from the Father, to the Son, then to the disciple whom Jesus loved most; the stunning, heart breaking truth, that it is nearly all professing a type of faith in Christ. These not knowing that they themselves became the same characters of the Holy Bible, that deny the true Jesus Christ, his truth, his identity, while now serving instead those who have always futiley sought to destroy him. Then again, that gut-wrenching reality that I myself scarecly came to the knowledge of the enemy; of all truth, which a perfect God had placed before us, ever since man’s very beginnings. Sharing the same awe and ever growing love for such wondrous love, mercy, forgiveness, patience, admonition, for all of these so inexplicably attributable to the Holiness that is our God; the same mind with the martyred saints of old. How, in perfect agreement with these men now in heaven, in God’s presence, while yet in this sinful, wretched and wicked body!
  Oh, how lovingly reminded, as I scour these divine words of love and warnings, that it is not my perfection which He seeks or demands of me, but my belief, my faith in most of all, His Son once sacrificed for my imperfections! How beautifully all through the Bible He crafts His infinite tongue so that Jesus within continuously points back unto Jesus, so that we might come to know him, become as him, he who made us to be with him, and as him.
  Now my God has brought me, always faithfully through Jesus, to know what it is like to willingly give my life for the sake of the desires of the Father, in the lifting up of His glory by way of the Son, so that others may join the blessed fold; this bringing their age old mysteries into the moment of celebration; the fruition of the perfected family of God, together in heaven through eternity! What blessing indeed to have been here, now, in this final hour unto the gentiles, knowing soon the complete joy unto heaven in the bringing home at last, the apple of God’s eye; Israel!
   The wicked prepare, going now even, into their caves, as the once mightiest nation is brought to her knees, orchestrated by traitors, even those trusted, but by the willingly deceived, those preferring evil over good; these things never without the price of death. Fully depraved men, who, now in their thinking weild the most power on earth, are deceived themselves, being led by the devil, that dragon, that snake, by only the authority of God Almighty. Their orders issued as this is written, moving forward with unprecedented warfare upon one’s own people, these enemies within this country’s own borders now prepare to see the levelling of Damascus, but the land of the young lion. They will remain hidden, mostly safe for this time, but know thou this, oh wicked ones, thine destruction draweth nigh! For every idle word and evil deed you do is written, and will be your reminder on the great day of your coming judgement! Onlt permitted the deception that you yourselves are now as gods, will bring about your most horrible, eternal punishment!
       To you preachers who teach lies! Were you not warned? Did you not hear? For thy Maker saith “Woe to the man who leads even one little one astray!” But you loved the filthy lucre, being worshipped as you taught sorceries, your witchcraft that placed great numbers back under the curse of the Law, snatching them soon after they had know the real Christ, then replacing him with another. Woe to you, for you too thought yourself as gods, this bringing your eternal terrors unto you, your present master lusting for this to occur!
      My dearest Brethren, you now come to see, and while this will now be your most difficult time, you are not without purpose, as you know the truth; the armour that is Jesus Christ; the pure and incorruptible Word of thy God. You have known much of the truth, but now are called to extract the lies and deceit that crept in unawares; to spread the gospel at any cost, the cost growing ever higher.
    It is not the books written of man that can help a people, but has always been, those books written by the hand of God; as we are books. As the Lord saith, “Seek ye the truth, and the truth shall set you free”, that, “Whosoever calleth upon the name of the Lord  shall be saved”. This very truth which teacheth man all he could want or need know to serve his maker faithfully, knowing then that thy God will go before you, making a way, that you will be lifted up, as you lift up thy King, Jesus Christ. This truth that will cause others to know not to take instead, the deadly mark of the beast, adding unto you only temporal remedy, never fulfilling it’s lying promises. No, for God will not allow death to triumph over those who belong wholly, faithfully unto him, standing on the Word of truth and love, which is Christ.
    Even though all had been written, you knew not, because you asked not. May you never be given again, to those sins which bring only death; never again deny thy loving Saviour.
  As for me, I do not know if my Lord shall remove me in safety, or if I am to be taken violently; either way; I can know with assurance, Who’s I am, and to where I soon shall be. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!
    Pray always for Israel, for we know how our God so dearly loves her.
       Peace be with you, even in your times of trouble, ever turning the our Lord, Jesus Christ.


For will the Father do anything before telling His own?

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