What A Fool Believes….la la lah

They call themselves ‘elite’, yet are but puppets themselves, deceived, to be used, then consumed themselves, only far worse than they’ve done to others; far worse than, their own greatest fears, and for all eternity.

   Undeterred as currently permitted by God, they now perceive the United States to be the great whore, that sits upon the waters, riding a beast covered in blaspemies, (just look closely at our map(the blanket) and what’s weaved into each of the states, the cities, counties, the very rivers, mountains and ranges. etc), the young lion, the great bear, and every blashemy that the Bible refers to, with yet more imaginings to boot. Yes, this is their believed answer to deterring God’s wrath, even recreating the prophecies, creating the events by all advanced means, such as technological devices, systems, weaponry, HARP, etc., to bring about the world their bloodlines have imagined and planned through the ages. Now come to fruition, they only await on the Lord.

  Knowing this things to be true, as revealed by God’s own Word, I now point you to that Word, Jesus Christ. May you seek him now.


For will the Father do anything before telling His own?

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