Oh, Bright and morning star……

O praise you! Oh bright and morning star! as in 2 Peter 11:9, You my Lord, do fill my heart with such love and admiration this blessed morning. A warmth and comfort that surpatheth all of my burdens of yesterday, giving me peace in the understanding you give me of the Father, to whom you have made a way, wherein I was before denied in my sins of resisting the truth that is you. Even in receipt, acknowledgement of your message (9-1-1) shown me above, I know not to fret for myself, but to pray unto thee for the others, not yet knowing of who you are, and always have been, and always to be.
     And for you, my Saviour, my King; be thou blessed in the opening of their eyes unto you, lest thee grieve in your loss of even one soul, one sheep. Be blessed in these birds now singing, not yet sensing what is to begin in their world too, as they prepare to continue in their given generations. Oh how beautiful a world you created! How very wondrous it is soon to be, once all evil has been vanquished, removed from the face of the earth, cast into it’s place of darkness.

   So peaceful, so quiet. Yet knowing…;even still, is not all held within thy Father’s mighty hand? Soon, saith the Lord, very soon.




For will the Father do anything before telling His own?

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