To the Brethren; A final plea in truth and in love.
Did we not taste of Christ’s salvation by the hearing of God’s Word, Jesus, making HIM our first love? Did we not see, how naive the yet cunning adversary attempted to unwittingly use Jesus, against Jesus when tempting him in the dessert?! Did we not SEE how the Word, Jesus, ALWAYS points back unto itself!?  How Jesus assured us of the power and purity of himself, THE WORD, would defend us against ALL enemies?! That it would ALWAYS remain, standing incorruptible LEST WE BE led astray, as were the Pharisees, JUST LIKE the Pharoahs and Kings of wickedness?
Oh foolish Galations! for who has bewitched you?
When Saint John, whom Christ loved the most, pointed back from the glorious, yet horrific scene, as revealed to Jesus in Revelation, did he not point BACK again to his JOHN 6:66 to show US that it would again be the Church in the latter days(TODAY!) whom were the NUMBER ED among THE BEAST?! READ THE KJB! 7 YEARS IN THE MAKING, from 1604 to 1611, THUS 7X PURIFIED AS SILVER!  All the while, Lucifer used that same tactic, MISLED, TWISTED SCRIPTURE, to which WE THE CHURCH chased after in ignorance!  We thought OURSELVES wise, NOT the Saints, the Word Jesus, and went seeking the Beast himself with John’s Revelation verse. How disobedient, how foolish!
Immediately following our blessed salvation by grace through faith, did not the vultures swoop in on us as prey? We, with ‘itching ears’, went to those we then TRUSTED OVER THE WORD WHICH SAVED US!? Oh, they taught us. They ALL showed us a VARIETY of Christ’s, of gods to choose from. For Paul clearly said, as led by the Holy Ghost, that ‘ANOTHER JESUS, preaching ANOTHER GOSPEL would come along, one that WE, if not mindful of ALL scripture, would TURN to follow! False Prophets, lying preachers, mere profiteers, fallen to their love of money. These sell what is free! We even used God’s money, His resources to fuel and foster these heresies, when they’d been given unto us for GOOD! Woe to each of these, leading even one little one astray. Woe, saith God, to one who TURNS away and follows them.
No man can know, even the Son of God, the day or the hour, but by His infinite, NUMERIC language, the year, month, even THE WEEK? “For will the Father do ANYTHING without first telling His children?”
God, through His Word, HAS SHOWN ME MUCH, EVEN THAT WHICH WAS HIDDEN! For JONAH, is AGAIN, NOAH AS J ESUS! That the ARK was ALWAYS a shadow of Jesus Christ, even telling us that the ARK went up to HEAVEN! That BAR-JESUS= FALSE ARK=BARACK=FALSE PROPHET. While yet again, we followed that which remains OUTSIDE of the Word, (St Malechi’s prophecy) even heeding one from a noted, UNDENIABLE, source, a house of witchcraft, filled with Pagan idolatry, secrecy, and dark, HIDDEN MYSTERY! These are NOT of God, but AGAINST HIM!
I speak ONLY as led by the HOLY Spirit, and remain IN THE WORD, my King, Jesus Christ; God come to the world in the flesh, that man might be saved.
Heed these words, as they are pure and true, being of, in, with, and for the Father.
God has revealed to me, after 8 years of unusually, extraordinarily intensive research of His Word,Jesus, His infinite NUMERIC alphabet! He divinely incorporated His heavenly language with man’s finite LETTERS, our ALPHABET, His perfect, unending means of communication. Satan has gone to great lengths, along with those evil men, spiritual wickedness in HIGH PLACES, to remove this information from the masses. The truth, the incorruptible Word of God, Jesus, can NEVER be completely hidden, nor removed, and regardless of all efforts, MUST REMAIN! They will attempt to quickly silence me, as they know who I am now, but with your help, through the Holy Spirit, this will go on! JER 33:3 SHOW EZEKIEL 33:33 KNOW JOB 33:3 KNOWLEDGE JOB 33:33 2 PETER 3:3-6.
Read JOHN 6:66 as THIS was John’s HORROR as revealed to Jesus, and then John, that it is AGAIN the Church that is NUMBERED with the BEAST, the SON of Lucifer, who rises against pure TRUTH, JESUS, the WORD, in the latter days. The King James Bible, took 54 men under the King’s order to complete, PURIFIED 7 X AS SILVER! Take note, as it became gradually replaced in America in the 1970′s, ask yourself, “WHAT THEN FOLLOWED?” Abortion, sexual depravity, evil called good, good called evil! ALL the world picturing a forbidden image at the mention of Christ! That same hippie dead dude that Pagan’s stick to a cross! HERESY! This is the antichrist, Son of the dragon, serpent, Lucifer!
BELIEVE ON JESUS, THE WORD; NOT AN IMAGE! SECONDLY; REPENT! These are the ONLY profound, essential commonalities of EVERY person of scripture tells us are now in heaven!
I am hated for this, mocked, scorned by ALL! Sound familiar? Further, it is the SCHOLARLY, THE EDUCATED, THE HEBREW MOVEMENT TYPE THAT HATE THIS MOST! GET IT? PHARISEES! “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the day of the coming of the Lord” God’s wrath is days now from America, and soon the world. The 7 year tribulation, is but days, hours from commencement.
“Even so, come Lord Jesus”


For will the Father do anything before telling His own?

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