Watchman Broadcast – Another Spirit

Regardless of your current views & beliefs, if you’ve never listened to this man, it’s high time you do. Due to his diligent studies, he is revealing what was written long ago, but has been misunderstood, abused, then twisted in direct defiance to the highest authority; God Almighty, and then used to corrupt the Christan church from within. At the same time, these actions would result in at first gradual erosion of the world and the United States, and then their sudden and horrific destruction.

No MATTER where you worship who you believe to be the Son of God, the true Jesus Christ and begotten Son of God can be found as the written Word in ONLY the King James Bible. As dogmatic and unfounded this will at first sound, it becomes self-evident, PROVING HIMSELF as you diligently seek His presence within the scripture. To make this even childishly simple for us, God has chosen this seemingly insignificant little man from Missouri, and a simple, free computer program created by one of his devoted sheep, to deliver and explain to us the 100% perfection of the KJB. Hours of additional sermons are also made available with scriptural truths as they have manifested throughout history and leading right up to current events.

Even years before this discovery, I felt assured that this was the book that, for some reason beyond me, I was to learn from. That they could not ALL be right, and it was more than just ‘the’s and the ‘thou’s. With comparatibly little effort on your part, you will find that there are much more profound changes, some even horrific!, than what we’d been LEAD to believe. Yes, as certain men of power have clearly studied, feared, but twisted the truth of this sacred book, they have succeeded in the brainwashing of the masses, convincing them that it contained little more than myths, or old ways no longer applicable to modern man.¬† They truly think themselves clever, that they are as gods themselves. Sounding familiar? It should, these were the ways of lucifer, and will be until his eventual eternal punishment, along with all who he would deceive on the way. Let’s not forget, it is man he despises most, and our very DNA he is out to alter. While we are allowed to see these final steps being fulfilled before our eyes, the Word reveals what further secrets are unfolding behind our backs. The reason for the flood was man’s DNA had been altered, then mixed with fallen angels of Genesis 6 (“and after”), but for those eight in the Ark. The Ark resembles salvation, wherein lies our only hope of being found ‘not guilty’, according to the books; the 66 books of the Holy Word, which IS CHRIST JESUS!

Hopefully, you will now pick up this ball and run with it! Be prepared for the Holy Spirit to open your eyes in the most amazing ways since the moment of your salvation, and to a place of repentance  for ever allowing such demonic trickery, dark witchcraft to have lured you into participation with all wickedness. I pray you will become enormously grateful, living a life from here on in service of he who was slain for your sins, he who is the Word, and will NEVER be changed, not by man nor by beast.



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For will the Father do anything before telling His own?

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